Pay what you want

We make money when artists chose to support us on the Steam Workshop or when they download our software from gumroad.com

Pay what you want for handplane baker at Gumroad here:
Handplane Baker on Gumroad

Artist oriented

The UI and workflow are focused on artist efficiency. We do not offer a "make art button" approach but instead try to eliminate as much wasted time from an artist's workflow as possible. Our projection grouping system helps artists manage complex baking tasks without needing to explode their models. Our material PSD output streamlines the process of creating materials and allows artist to share their libraries. Features like Floater AO and AO isolation help artist's shortcut their modeling process.


Handplane baker processes extremely dense models easily. Decimeting your zbrush sculpts takes longer than simply exporting and baking. Most of our testing has been done with 10-20 million triangle models. The majority of our texture outputs use very fast non conventional aproaches that allow for quick and clean results.

Commuity driven

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